Fowler & Good LLP is a boutique litigation and transactional law firm based in Sherman Oaks, CA and founded in 2010. With both partners born and raised in California, Ryan Fowler hailing from Northern California and Christopher Good from West Los Angeles, the firm was formed with the aim of providing exceptional legal counsel to the dynamic and fast paced businesses that occupy the California marketplace or seek entry thereto.

The named partners, Ryan Fowler & Christopher Good, started their legal careers together at one of the preeminent plaintiff’s civil litigation firms in Los Angeles, Girardi & Keese. While working there, they represented clients in personal injury lawsuits, business dispute matters and mass tort cases against some of the largest companies in the country; including oil, pharmaceutical and medical companies, as well as auto manufacturers.

With backgrounds in business, both Mr. Fowler and Mr. Good desired to take their practice beyond the traditional plaintiff’s model to focus on the needs of small and medium sized business in California, businesses that are generally underrepresented in the legal arena.

With clients ranging from manufacturers, restaurants, celebrities, startups, to private or closely held corporations, Fowler & Good have developed a practice that provides their clients “in house” legal counsel services without the costs and expense of hiring traditional in house counsel. Irrespective of the matter, the core of their practice remains their commitment to the client.